Episode 5 – Imposter Syndrome (aka The Self-doubt Episode)

On this episode, we discuss every creative’s nemesis – imposter syndrome. Find out more about this phenomenon and what we can do about it. Need assistance finding a mental health professional? Consult the finder on the Psychology Today website at https://www.psychologytoday.com/.

Our special shout out this time? Jenny Lawson, who has helped me so much in feeling that I am not alone. Check out her fantastic humor at TheBloggess.com.

Did You Make This? is a podcast about being an artist, artisan, designer, maker, small business owner and someone who gets asked “did you make this?” on a seemingly endless basis.

Written and edited by Charlene Ruell, featuring information from Psychology Today, Time, and The American Psychological Association. Music “I Was Waiting for Him” by Lee Rosevere.

In our next episode we will talk about prepping for market application season. Have a story to share? Email us at hello@didumakethis.com.