Episode 4 – The Side Hustle (aka How a Creative Stays Engaged)

On this episode, we speak to our very first guest, Veronica Puleo, about every creative’s must have — the side hustle. We chat about how our side hustles change, the creative brain, and the brilliant concept of “unshopping.” Find Veronica at thereplicasmusic.com and verofoto.com.

Did You Make This? is a podcast about being an artist, artisan, designer, maker, small business owner and someone who gets asked “did you make this?” on a seemingly endless basis.

Written and edited by Charlene Ruell. Music “I Was Waiting for Him” by Lee Rosevere.

In our next episode we will talk about mental health and the various struggles that creatives face. Have a story to share? Email us at hello@didumakethis.com.